To decorate and create something pleasing, takes beauty, inspiration and pretty things; our eyes are tricked with the teasing and in turn its beauty to us sings.


A Comb is a perfect alternative to a Tiara; they look fabulous and can be used in so many different hairstyles. Once again we have some sparkly items and also some really beautiful vintage pearl styles, so whatever your theme we are sure to have something for you.


The combs all vary in size and height; some are quite long and really make a statement, whether spread across the front of the head or tucked into a bun at the back, there are so many ways to wear these.


The combs are also popular for bridesmaids and can be a lovely gift they can be worn again for other special occasions.


All of our Combs are made using Swarovski Crystals. Click on the buttons to the left for item, image and description.


We are also available for home visits, where you can view and try on the combs to get a better idea of what they look like in different styles.


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